Comprehensive Early Childhood Parenting Questionnaire (CECPAQ)

Instrument description

The CECPAQ consists of 54 items, assessing 5 domains of parenting. Questions are arranged in sets of 13 to 20 items preceded by an instruction for the parent. Each item describes a parenting situation and/or behavior (e.g. “I notice when my child is sad or not feeling well“, “I compliment of hug my child when s/he does something well“). Parents indicate the frequency with which they show this behavior on a 6-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 = Never to 6 = Always. For nine items, ratings are made on 6-point scales that are anchored by one effective
and one ineffective response to the presented parenting situation.

Currently, the questionnaire is only suitable for research-purposes. We do not know the quality of the questionnaire for individual or clinical use yet. If you are interested in using the CECPAQ in your research, please contact us. We will then send you more information regarding the CECPAQ, including the form and scoring information.

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