Comprehensive Early Childhood Parenting Questionnaire (CECPAQ)

Marjolein Verhoeven


Marjolein Verhoeven (1980) received her PhD in 2007 at the University of Amsterdam. In 2009 she was appointed as Assistant Professor at Utrecht University at the department of Clinical Child and Family Studies (CCFS) and as a member of Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS).



Marjolein Verhoeven is engaged in research on the development and parenting of young children (0-6 years). Questions with which she is concerned are: how do parents raise their young child? Why do parents parent the way they do? How does parental behavior develop and what factors are driving this? Is this the same for fathers and mothers? And, for example, for foster parents or parents of prematurely born children? She is also concerned with the measurement of parenting and developed a comprehensive parenting questionnaire and observation schemes to code parent-child interaction. Marjolein is also involved in research on screening- and diagnostic instruments regarding early child development, with a special focus on the development of moderately premature born children.